Updates, sunday 2nd november. General update.

I have contacted the FTC, a local lawfirm in Orlando, FL, the FL General Attorney and Indiegogo.
I haven't gotten any replies yet, but as soon as I get them, I'll update this webpage. You can read my e-mails below, unfortunately I didn't save the text sent to FTC, but I'll post their reply.

Letter to Indiegogo:


I - we - need to get into contact with the 4,297 other backers on this project:

Harold Timmis is gone MIA, and we are trying to get as many people to sign a petition on my website (http://tved.nu)
I have already contacted a local lawfirm in Orlando, FL, the FTC and General Attorney, FL
However, not all the backers are reading the comment section (and I'm sure, that if you read the comments, you will be aware of the fraud that is going on!)
Another backer has also contacted a local news station, and I am sure, that this would be VERY bad publicity for Indiegogo, if you don't take action against this!
Indiegogo (hereby as "you") must have some contact information, back information or credit/debit card information on Harold Timmis and/or Dimitri - to quote Leia Organa

Help us Indiegogo, you are our only hope!

I am sure that the authorities in FL will do their best to aid us, but without a contact to the creators of this project, it might be hard to reach the culprits.
Therefore, I ask, no I beg you - help us, make an update on this project, so that all the funders will receive an e-mail!

We need to stand together here, to be united against this criminal.

Again, I urge you to take action - because, if this gets out in the media, that Indiegogo won't do ANYTHING for their users, it would surely be the end of Indiegogo, and your closest competitor - Kickstarter - would get an enormous boost!

Letter to skambis lawfirm, Orlando FL


My name is Jan Andreasen, and I'm writing on the behalf of 4,300 others.

Almost a year ago, we helped fund a project, and raised almost 250,000 USD, buying a small electronic device that wasn't produced yet. The deal was, that the firm (Smartmaker, owned by Harold Timmis) would deliver the electronics march 2014. However, six months after, we still haven't seen anything. The three websites associated with Harold Timmis/Smartmaker is all down for maintenance, and Harold is not giving updates on a regular basis (and the updates he does produce, is full of excuses)

You can read alot more here:


On behalf of all us who got cheated, I've created a webpage where people can sign that they want to prosecute Harold Timmis. 50 USD may not be a big loss for each person, but he should not get away with the 250,000 USD!

The website is located here:


Along with their names and amount, I've also collected their contact e-mail.

The reason that I've contacted you, was to get some help from a lawfirm located in Florida (and in this case, Orlando)

We have no concrete evidence that his name ACTUALLY is Harold Timmis, or if he resides in Orlando, FL - all that may be a lie like the rest.

I have also contacted the FTC, and tomorrow I'll try to contact FL General Attorney, together with the list of disgruntled backers so far.

I sincerely hope that you can help me - help us - and tell us what we should do next.
If you require a US citizen to file a complaint, I'm sure we can find someone among the 4,300 backers.

Letter to FL General Attorney (and answer below)

Subject: Internet Trade

I've supported the Indiegogo campaign, est. delivery febuary 28th, 2014.

Harold is giving nothing but bad excuses, having raised almost $250.000 ($248.020)

I don't know what my rights are as a Danish citizen, but other contributers have talked about the Florida General Attorney, so I might as well give it a shot.
Below are links to the Indiegogo campaign, and the comments. His own webpage (borderlesselectronics.com) and Smartmaker (smartmaker.com) are taken down, I suspect fraud for almost $250.000, 4.298 people contributed, and noone have gotten anything from Harold.

Reply from FL, GA
Thank you for contacting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi regarding smARtMAKER, Inc. of Orlando, Florida . Attorney General Bondi asked that I respond on her behalf.

The Florida Attorney General's Office is concerned with all potentially unfair and deceptive trade practices in our state. We use complaints like yours to identify patterns of questionable business activities that may indicate the need for formal investigation or action by our office, and we are forwarding your information to the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division for review.

In addition, I understand that you are trying to obtain a refund from the company, so we are also forwarding your complaint to the state's informal voluntary mediation program at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS), Division of Consumer Services. You may follow up with the mediation program, at:

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Division of Consumer Services
2005 Apalachee Parkway
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
Telephone: (850) 410-3800
Toll-free within FL: (800) 435-7352
Website: http://www.800helpfla.com/

Finally, If you need legal guidance, please consult a private attorney. An attorney can provide the legal advice and opinions our office is not at liberty to offer individual citizens. The Florida Bar provides a Lawyer Referral Service toll-free at (800) 342-8011. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney at this time, you may be eligible for low cost or pro bono assistance through a local legal aid office. The Florida Bar can assist you with this process. The Florida Bar's website is located at http://www.floridabar.org/.

Thank you for contacting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. We hope this information proves helpful to you.


Martin T. Green
Office of Citizen Services
Florida Attorney General's Office
PL-01, The Capitol
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050
Telephone: (850) 414-3990
Toll-free within Florida: (866) 966-7226
Website: www.myfloridalegal.com

Florida General Attorney (reply)

Dear Jan Andreasen,

I am the Senior Legal Assist to Investigator Valarie Quimby.

We have received the complaint you filed with our office on 7/1/14. We are interested in learning more about your complaint against Smartmaker. Please let us know if you would be willing to speak with our office's Investigator Valarie Quimby. We realize that you are contacting us from abroad and would suggest skype as method of communication. If you have any documents evidencing the purchase of your perk, such as a confirmation receipt, or any communications with Indiegogo or Borderless Electronics/Smartmaker regarding this matter, please forward them to my email or Valarie Quimby who is copied in this email.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

(See attached file: Jan Andreasen.pdf)

Penny S. Nicholson
Senior Legal Assistant
Florida Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
1300 Riverplace Blvd, Suite 405
Jacksonville, Florida 32207
Telephone: 904-348-2720
Facsimile: 904-858-6918
Email: Penny.Nicholson@myfloridalegal.com

My reply

Hi Penny and Valarie.

First of all, thank you for your help! Yesterday, we received our first "update" in weeks, and it seems, that Harold Timmis is aware that I/we are taking action against him.

You requested proof of my purchase, and I'll forward that e-mail to both of you asap.
I havn't had any communication with Indiegogo, they doesn't seem to answer their users, other than a standard autoreply, and Harold/Smartmaker is somewhat impossible to contact.

The updates from Harold is available here:

As you can see, in the beginning we had a lot of updates, but now there is gaps of weeks, even months, talking about his baby boy and whatnot.

I beleive that there is a six hour time difference between FL and Denmark (CET), but if required, I'll try to be able to talk to you over skype.

General update

Hi all!
I know, that It's been a while, since I've last updated this - I've been Haroldized ;-)
This is a short update, and I expect to make a larger one tomorrow.

As you might know, I've talked to Valarie Quimby from Floridas Attorney Generals office, and she mailed (SNAIL mailed) me an envelope, so I could return some documents and my signature.
I mailed that back to her today, along with a short mail. This is whats going on now:
FL AG's office is (presumably) in an ongoing investigation against Harold Timmis and Smartmaker, and they would appreciate all the help they can get, and that includes the list from my petition.
I'll extract it in a document and mail it to her, so if you get an e-mail from Valarie or Penny from the FL AG's office, it's my fault :-D

I'll post e-mails and a short summary of my skype-call at the end of the week.


General update

Hi again...
I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing is really happening. Valarie Quimby, and the FL Attorney Generals office have received my signed documents, and I've gotten a reply from Hilda Frazier:

Correspondence mailed to this business has been returned as undeliverable by the post office; therefore, I am unable to establish communication on your behalf.
Our efforts to locate a forwarding address were unsuccessful. If you can furnish us with another address for the company within 30 days, please contact us and we will make additional efforts to contact the business. If you are unable to supply another address, we will close your file.
I regret that at this time we cannot offer you more assistance in this matter; however, we perform our services via US mail and must have a valid mailing address in order to mediate your complaint.
Hilda Frazier

Do we have another adress? I don't think so. I'll update you all when I hear something from Valarie.

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Petitions will be sent to US/FL attorney generals office, in a group complaint. Harold will not go unpunished!

(E-mail adress will not be visible for anyone but me. Only for contacting purpose.)