This site has one purpose. To get enough people to sign the petition/guestbook, so we can stand together against Harold Timmis/Smartmaker.
They collected $248,020 USD through the Indiegogo campaign - and has yet to deliver.

The first date we got, was early 2014 - then March - then "a few weeks". Harold doesn't really give updates on Indiegogo anymore.

When I get enough petitions here, I'll go back to the FL Attorney General, in average Harold STOLE $57.71 USD from each backer - for some of you, thats nothing, but that doesn't matter! Harold must deliver - soon - or face the consequences!

Therefore, I urge you to sign this petition, don't worry - your e-mail will not be visible to any other than me, and the ONLY reason that I collect the data, is for contacting purpose when I contact the attorney general.


Sign petition against Harold Timmis/Smartmaker.
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Petitions will be sent to US/FL attorney generals office, in a group complaint. Harold will not go unpunished!

(E-mail adress will not be visible for anyone but me. Only for contacting purpose.)